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I'm Nice! I'm Nice!

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Taylor Swift!

... I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but I just got to say VakavaDesigns is the nicest flash bear of all time!

vakavadesigns responds:


SS - Thoughts SS - Thoughts

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Hello again, sir!

Greetings friend.

This is actually ZeroBox Productions (one of the guys who reviewed earlier). Sadly, my audio submissions received the ban-hammer, so I've had to revert to an older account (already approved, although no longer proud of the name) and turn it.

Question there:
You mention that the character you are lecturing through is named Patchman. Is Patchman simply your flash alter-ego, or is Patchman a character unto himself? Just curious.

Also,... hells yeah! I'm totally looking forward to what you have to say on Indigoes, Super-psychics, and the deeper ends of the consciousness vortex!


Erm, also... are you planning on doing an animation on 'Dreaming?'.
If so, might I suggest doing research into Rick Strassmans book, 'The Spirit Molecule',... and the recorded psychological study (and researched chemical origins of) Dy-methyl-tryptamine (DMT). ... but I'm sure you already have an outline for where you want to take it next.


RiverJordan responds:

I'm totally going to be covering Dreaming, probably a few lessons before Astral Travel. What's interesting is that they're both essentially the same thing. However, by starting with Lucid Dreaming i think more people will connect with understanding the concept better than starting with OBE's.

As for your question about Patchman, that's a REALLY good question (because I didn't think of that before...) It was originally a friends character that i adopted though, i wasn't the primary designer. That would be my friend Andrew Koenig. After he didn't use him for a few years, I wanted to animate him, and fell in love :P

So i guess he's kind of going through the process of becoming me, unless i put myself into these things with him.. It will be interesting to see where this goes! :D

Jackie Jackie

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Just 'awesome'!

Might I say that I favorited you simply over the Jerry, Jackie, Junior series. I love how you tied each even into one another! And the characters seem very "real" (not... visually, but you get the point).

Keep the saga going, homie!
Next stop, Jerry's dad! XD

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Batman: Bright Day Batman: Bright Day

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Not sure why its called 'Bright Day',... but I though it was hilarious!

Billy Mays Collab Billy Mays Collab

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... XD

Maybe they didn't want to do the collab because they new it was going to be terrible!

Props to them!

Jehosapha responds:

lulz XD

Wario & the Worm Wario & the Worm

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Random does not equal funny.

Sorry kid.

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Dad's Home Dad's Home

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Classic!

Been around for 5 years... ... still hilarious!

The Greatest Idea Ever! The Greatest Idea Ever!

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f0r the lulz!

Not just a great animation!
Its the GREATEST...

Well, perhaps not the greatest, but it amused me plenty! =)

I chuckled throughout, all the way to the disclaimer at the end.

"Anyone who extrapolates facts about the Large Hadron Collider from this cartoon is a complete and total tool!"


Its a sad fact that it had to be stated, but people are indeed tools.

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Junior Junior

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Dro Approoved!


Man! I hope there is a followup toon for this one!
I'd love to see more from ya!