MasKhaos is official!

2011-11-17 19:25:42 by ProjektDro

So, it seems that I have an entirely new music project that I am collaborating for!
My good friends, Brendan Pulk and Cliff Meachem, and I decided to form together into an electronica/progressive house/dubstep group by the name of MasKhaos.

Since I already have equipment for both recording/producing and live performance, including audio interface (M-Audio ProjectMix I/O, M-Audio Oxygen 49, a decent computer, and a few vocal microphones) getting started wasn't as hard as I though it was going to be. We acquired Ableton Live 8, picked up a Novation Launchpad and a Numark DJ Set (it is one of the cheaper ones. We will get the better one later), and in the future, plan to grow our operation,

We are still in the composition phase, however. Live performance and local concert booking will come after we get enough material out worth a performance.

... but one thing I love about the Launchpad is that we can literally throw random melodies, chords, and loops we composed into an Ableton track and do a random composition for live performance.

Given I've seen some fairly professional and well acknowledged electronic groups/artists make a dent in the local scene here in Minneapolis, I'd say we have a base to gain some notice.


Of course, this is NG news because we've discussed putting up just a few of our compositions on newgrounds for exposure, review, and hopefully some attribution if one of you beautiful flash developers want to utilize our submissions.

With that said, we plan on making this a very professional operation in the long run, with an actual, factual music presence... so only a limited number of tracks will be allowed up here, and our material will be monitored for abuse. (despite that common misconception/miswording on the audio submission page about 'NewGrounds public domain" ... which I'd like to remind people... is only 'public domain' for flash developers in the NG community and NOT anywhere else)

I conceive, since this type of thing has happened before on Newgrounds,... many times,... that it will likely happen at some point here,... but we plan on spreading our presence all over the necessary audio portals to keep ourselves active in the internet audio/music communities, and do not plan on making ourselves seem like 'modest musicians' in the least.

tl;dr .... MasKhaos!! Check out our music! ---------> {MasKhaos}


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